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The Key To Financial Independence
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Changes in Learning 1973 - 2011
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10.10.2011 Monday Morning Coaching
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10.17.2011 Monday Morning Coaching
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Building a Business 10.24.2011
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Trends in Real Estate 10.19.2011
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a. Absorption Rate Pricing

d. Poor, Rich and Wealthy People

e. Four Financial Plans

f. Four Returns on Investment

g. Introduction to Stories of Uncle Adrian

h. Shall we Gather at the River?

i. The Three Legged Chicken

j. The Note in the Glove Box

k. Absorption Rate Positioning

l. Key To Building Wealth

m. Key To Financial Independence

n. Seven Reasons to Purchase Real Estate Today

o. The Golfing Story

p. Feel Rich, Act Rich, Be Rich

q. We did it this way last year!

r. The Investment Pyramid

Home Seller Information

a. Absorption Rates (Excel)

b. Absorption Rates (PDF)

c. Absorption Rate Positioning (Word)

d. Market Absorption Trend (PDF)

e. Odds of Your House Selling (PDF)

f. Pre-listing Interview (Word)

g Pre-listing Package (Word)

h. Smooth Moves (PDF)

i. World's Greatest Listing Presentation (Word)


a.NC Absorption Rate Trends (PDF)

b. NC Real Estate Trends (PDF)

Ninja Selling

a. 21 Point Business Plan (word)

b. 50 Contacts (PDF)

c. A Dozen Power Questions (PDF)

d. Awareness Test (Video File-WMV)

e. Buyers Homework (PDF)

f. Buyer Interview (PDF)

g. Client Information Sheet Buyer/Seller (PDF)

h. Get to Know Your Clients (PDF)

i. Kid Contract (Word)

j. KIT Chart (Excel)

k. Mastery by Stewart Emery (PDF)

l. Monday Morning Agenda (PDF)

m. Need to Know About My Clients(PDF)

n.  Ninja - 90-Day Ninja Routine 10-07 (Word)

o. Ninja Selling Installation for Owners and Managers (YouTube)

p. Ninja Selling Installation Testimonial Proof (YouTube)

q. Ninja Selling Master Outline with answers (PDF)

r. Ninja Weekly Routine (Excel)

s. Ninja Weekly Routine (PDF)

t. Selling Flow Plan (PDF)

u. Swimming in Abundance (Excel)

v. These People Probably Want to Buy/Sell Real Estate (PDF)

w. TIP_Analysis-Operation_11-15-08 (Excel)

x. Weekly Account for Work Plan (Excel)

y. What is Ninja Selling? (YouYube)

z. Will You Give Your Kids a Chance? (PDF)


Business Planning

a. 5 Degrees of Customer Bonding (PDF)

b. Building a Business for Life! (PDF)

c. Interview with Zan on Building a Business (PDF)

d. Listing-Sales Goal Formula (Excel)

e. Marketing Cost Worksheet (Excel)

f. Marketing Planning Calendar (Excel)

g. Personal Business Plan 2007 (Excel)

How Money Works:
Financial Lessons I Learned Working in the Garden with My Mother


a. The Science of Getting Rich (PDF)

c. Simple Investment Analysis (PDF)


b. The Master Key System (PDF)

d. Investment Property Analysis (XLS)



Speaker Development Information


a. 20 Things I Learned Today (PDF)

b. Developing Your Presentation Skills Part I (PDF)

c. Developing Your Presentation Skills Part II (PDF)

d. Guidelines for a Great Workshop (PDF)

e. IDW Bingo (PDF)

f. Learning Loop Lesson Plan (PDF)

g. Power Point Tips (PDF)

h. Teaching Models (PDF)

i. Zan Quotes (PDF)


Course Promotion


a. Course Marketing (PDF) b. Summary of Course Marketing (Power Point)

News Articles


a. Housing Market Strong (PDF)  

I accomplished my goal to inspire and educate 1 Million people by January 1, 2010!
My NEW mission is to inspire and educate 10 Million people by January 1, 2015.

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