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1. Stories of Uncle Adrian

Stories of Uncle Adrian:
A Guide to Mastery in Your Life

Stories of Uncle Adrian is an inspiring presentation by Zan Monroe from the book about his Uncle, Adrian Williams.  Adrian Williams was a great story teller and a self made millionaire.  Uncle Adrian’s stories and advice can change your life! 

The Presentation covers the six areas of Mastery in your life that are covered in the book….Physical Mastery…Spiritual and Educational Growth…Relationships…The Value of Joy…Mastery in Business…and Mastering your Finances.

Hire Zan to inspire you with Stories of Uncle Adrian as a Key Note Address, half day session or all day course!

2. Convention Seminars

Zan also conducts Convention Seminars in the following Topics…these 60 – 90 Minute Sessions are acclaimed by agents everywhere as the “BEST thing I have ever seen”

  • Worlds Greatest Listing Presentation

If your goal is to become a world class REALTOR® you will want to develop a world class listing presentation.  Some of the best listing agents in the country have helped assemble this presentation of the Worlds Greatest Listing Presentation.

Learn how to eliminate 90% of your wasted time at the seller’s house.  Learn how to know within seconds if the seller is going to hire you.  Find out how to have the seller hire you before you even arrive at the appointment.

Topics Covered include:

  • Pre Listing Interview
  • Pre Listing Package
  • Prepare Price Opinion
  • Meet with Self
  • Arrival
  • Qualify the House
  • Qualify the Seller
  • Closing

  • Absorption Rate Pricing

Your CMA is obsolete!  Thousands of websites today can perform the function of a CMA for anyone willing to look.  If you are basing your listing presentation on your ability to price a home you are competing with the internet.

Absorption Rate Pricing will enable you to show the seller and yourself how long it will take to sell any home in any market.  One of the great things you can tell your next seller is…. “There are only a certain number of houses that will sell in any market in any given period of time.  Would you like to see if your house will be one of them?”

Topics covered:

    • How to Calculate Absorption Rate
    • Absorption Rate Models and Trends Analysis    
    • Pricing Questions you should ask
    • Show them Supply and Demand
    • “Front of the Store” Pricing Approach
    • Would you like to see the odds of your house selling
  • Myth Busters: Exploding the Myths of Real Estate

There are so many myths currently in real estate that are believed by agents and the public that are simply NOT TRUE!!

Study the research and find the correct answers too many of the current myths in real estate like…

  • Sellers want you to come to their house
  • Sellers want you to advertise their house
  • Buyers want to use several agents
  • New agents take at least a year to get started
  • The market is changing for the… (better or worse you get to choose!)
  • You need more business to make more money

  • 10 Magic Marketing Miracles

10 Magic Marketing Miracles is a powerful and inspirational look at the wasted dollars spent advertising and how to stop advertising and start marketing to make more profit with less dollars.

Topics covered are market research, buyer/seller trends, knowing where your business comes from, guaranteed results marketing, advertising with a purpose and websites that tell your story.

Learning Objectives:  As a result of this class the student will be able to:

  • Determine where their business comes from
  • Be able to target their marketing efforts more efficiently
  • Advertising is not marketing…
  • Apply a marketing plan to their targeted marketing area
  • Spend less and earn more

  • Profiles of Buyers and Sellers

The latest research into the buying and selling habits of today’s consumer.

  • Where and how are they shopping
  • What marketing methods do they respond to
  • What they want from a REALTOR
  • Where they find their REALTOR

  • Building a Business for Life

Build a real estate business for the rest of your life by basing your decisions on the latest research and the best business practices available today.  Learn from Zan Monroe who has interviewed successful business people (REALTORS) all over the United States to get their best practices for Life!

Topics covered:

  • Current Real Estate Business Models
  • Are you Running Your Business as a Business
  • 12 Tips on How to get Focused!
  • Weekly Routine
  • The Consumer Tsunami
  • Mastery by Stewart Emery

For additional information, please contact Zan at zan@ZanMonroe.com

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I accomplished my goal to inspire and educate 1 Million people by January 1, 2010!
My NEW mission is to inspire and educate 10 Million people by January 1, 2020.

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